The power of a good tune!

The last couple of months have been a bit ‘meh’ – for one reason or another.  Things have just been like dragging yourself through treacle.  Each time you feel like you are gaining ground, along comes another tidal wave of shit to unceremoniously dump you right back where you started!

Not one to give up and having had a good old chat about ‘shit’ to my brother and bestie, we came to the conclusion that I have always been a firm believer in “options”.  Not Options as in the low calorie hot chocolate – life options, possibilities, decisions that shift the ‘shit’ and get stuff going again.  I’m a sorter outer, a doer and I come with my Dads steely determination to carry on and my Mothers optimism that tomorrow things will always be better.


The other thing I rediscovered today that has been missing (thanks to a rubbish broadband connection – and yet I live in leafy Surrey) was my huge music collection on Sonos.   Music really is a mood lifter.  I’ve just spent the afternoon busting my vocal chords and scaring all the animals with my theatrical renditions of  songs which bring back amazing happy memories.  Check out the hairdo’s in the Fleetwood Mac video.  Classic, my hair was almost the same when I left school!

I thought I would try this having been introduced to a wonderful Charity called Playlist for Life - whose objective is to ‘encourage families and caregivers of a person with dementia to create a playlist of uniquely meaningful music on an iPod and offer it at any time of the day or the night.  It is effective both at home and in residential care, at and early stage of the condition or later on’.

How simple and yet how powerful!  My mood has lifted, my blues have gone away, my ear drum is perforated, but I have a smile on my face and a spring in my step. I have spent the afternoon selfishly cocooned in fabulous memories and hilarious times, its made me feel alive and happy.

I’m inspired to put a collection together for Mum who absolutely LOVES her music.  She sings and dances every day.  This can only be positive!  So, I’m taking a leaf out of her book and am going to sing and dance every day.  I am also going to repeat her favourite mantra as well.


Next wave of shit that heads in my direction…..I’m surfing my way to the beach bar on it!

I’d love to hear about which songs lift your mood or whether you have already used a playlist with a loved one suffering from Alzheimers or Dementia.  We could start a happy tunes playlist!



  1. Dan says

    On a massive stress day I have found London grammar really has been doing the trick as of late, not an oldie but a up to date masterpiece. And blast from the past Suede animal nitrate or placebo makes me want to prance about

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